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Tips for continuing to conserve water and our water bills this summer

The Skyline Ranch Estates Water Supply Corporation commends our clients on water c conservation and as we all look to the summer season.


This note is an update from the board regarding water supply conditions as of the first week of June.


Rains last fall and starting in March provided some of the best water aquifer levels in years. The Hays Trinity Ground Water Conservation District (our governmental regulatory entity) uses our well as a data gathering source for the aquifer we use, as well as other individual water consumers both large and small. Maintenance of our pressure tank and fall back generator completed last year and earlier this year sought to maintain our equipment in good working condition to insure quality service.


Here is a suggestion to all of the users of the SREWSC water system, both old and new. Please check in and around your meter. Leaks have occurred on both the delivery side and home owner’s side of the meter. PGMS, at times, has caught and identified some of these issues when the meter was read. Checking the meter provides extra eyes on any unusual water consumption.


Please be careful when looking “under cover” of the water meter as certain “vermin” may enjoy the cool cover the water meter provides.


We are a volunteer organization endeavoring to provide the best water quality in a cost effective manner. As many of us in the Hill Country are aware the rains come and sometimes they do not.

One last comment, we still have a vacancy on the board. If anyone is interested please contact Chip Schwamb (at [email protected] or any of the other board members.